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Clifford Goldstein Biography

Updated: Dec 5, 2018


12501 Old Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, Maryland 20904


POSITION Editor, Adult Bible Study Guides, 1999—

EDUCATION B.A., English, University of Florida (1978)

M.A., Ancient Semitic Languages, Johns Hopkins University (1992)

Ph.D. (Honorary), Montemorelos University (2014)



Employed at General Conference of SDA since 1984

Editor, Liberty magazine 1993–1999

Associate Editor, Liberty magazine (1992-1999)

Associate Director, North American Division Department of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Silver Spring, Maryland, 1993-1999.

Ordained to Gospel Ministry (1995)

Editor, Shabbat Shalom magazine (1983-1993)


WORKS Hands Across the Gulf Pacific Press Pub. (1987)

The Saving of America Pacific Press Pub. (1988)

1844 Made Simple Pacific Press Pub. (1988)

Best Seller Pacific Press Pub. (1990)

How Dare You Judge Us God? Pacific Press Pub. (1991)

False Balances Pacific Press Pub. (1992)

A Pause for Peace Pacific Press Pub. (1992)

Day of the Dragon Pacific Press Pub. (1993)

The Remnant Pacific Press Pub. (1994)

Between the Lamb and the Lion Pacific Press Pub. (1995)

One Nation Under God? Pacific Press Pub. (1996)

Children of the Promise Pacific Press Pub. (1997)

Like A Fire in My Bones Pacific Press Pub. (1998)

By His Stripes Pacific Press Pub. (1998)

The Day Evil Dies Review and Herald (1999)

The Great Compromise Pacific Press Pub. (2000)

God, Gödel, and Grace Review and Herald (2002)

Graffiti in the Holy of Holies Pacific Press Pub.(2003)

The Gospel, 1844, Judgment (Adult Bible Study Guide (July-Sept, 2006)

The Mules that Angels Ride Review and Herald (2005)

Life Without Limits Review and Herald (2009)

Shadow Men Signs Publishing (2012)

Baptizing the Devil Pacific Press Pub. (2017)

Hundreds of articles in various publications, both within and

outside the Seventh-day Adventist church. Columnist for Adventist

Review since 1994. Script writer for various radio and television programs both in the United States and overseas.

Host of Hope Channel Program, CLIFF! 2007—2012, 2017-

PERSONAL Born in Albany, New York, 1955

Wife: Kimberly

Two children: Zachary, Hannah

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