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Whether you're planning a formal portrait or candid photos of the whole family, there are several steps to make the photoshoot a success. First, communicate your vision with the photographer. How many children do you have? How old are they? These will all inform the artist's artistic choices.

Custom Family Portrait Second, choose a pose that will flatter everyone. Try to stick to neutral colors and soft flowing fabrics. Also, try to avoid bright and strong patterns as these can cause distractions in your photos. If you aren't sure what will look best, you can lay out the outfits for everyone so you can see how they will look together. This will give you an idea of what will work and what won't.

Third, get the children excited and participate. Having the children participate in the process will help the photographer connect with them and capture the best shots. Children should also be encouraged to bring along items that represent their personality and mark special moments for the family. For example, if your kids have a favorite pet or stuffed animal, they should bring it along.