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This Sp5der Hoodie was released several months ahead of the rapper's album release. It was released the day before the rapper's birthday, and was meant to promote his upcoming album Punk, which will be released in October 2021. The hoodie also features Drake, Post Malone, and Gunna.

Sp5der Worldwide is Rapper Young Thug's clothing line, which launched in 2019. The brand's Sp5der Punk Hoodie has been a hit since it was released in March 2019. The Sp5der brand is known for its quality and design, and its clothing will likely continue to grow alongside its new rapper.

While the Sp5der Hoodie is one of the hottest new hoodies, Young Thug is not the only rapper to wear a dress. During his early years in the hip-hop scene, ignorant rap heads mocked Young Thug for wearing a dress. Since then, other rappers have copied the style, including Lil Nas X and Kid Cudi.


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