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Jim Morrison had many similar stage incidents throughout his life. At one point in the early 1970s, he drank psychedelic drugs before a concert, which were intended to be a religious rite. He wanted to stay awake for his performance.

Jim Morrison's death

The Doors merch has a surprisingly grim side. Fans can buy t-shirts with a blood-red band logo, referencing the grisly death scene that occurred in 1970. Some shirts even include lyrics from the late Doors singer's songs. "Peace Frog" and "Dawn's Highway" are a couple of examples. "Ghost Song" is from the posthumously released 1977 album An American Prayer.

There are several theories about the circumstances surrounding Jim Morrison's death. In one story, he was found dead in a toilet stall at the Rock & Roll Circus, where he spent many nights with his pal Jim Courson. During the night, Jim Morrison had allegedly met with two drug dealers and then gone to the bathroom. A bouncer found him and alerted a doctor, who confirmed that Jim Morrison was dead.