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95 Theses 
On Righteousness By Faith


Morris L. Venden

"October 31, 1517.

A young Roman Catholic monk named Martin Luther strides up the steps of the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany. With a few swift hammer blows, he nails a document to the massive wooden doors. The 95 Theses set forth in the document will soon touch off the Protestant Reformation.

Fast Forward 470 Years.

Morris Venden, with apologies to Luther, now set forth in print 95 Theses on righteousness by faith. This book represents the distillation of many years of thought and research on this vital subject. 95 Theses on Righteousness by Faith is Elder Venden's most ambitious and significant book to date. It is his chief hope that readers of these pages will learn more clearly to trust Jesus Christ both for pardon and power." - Quick Overview on ABC


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Waiting and Longing

Being Ready for the Return of Jesus, Whenever it Happens 

Randy Roberts

Christians have been waiting for Jesus to return ever since an angel asked the questions, Men of Galiliee, why do you stand here looking into the sky? (Acts 1:11, NIV). Lets be honest. Were tired of waiting. We want to see Jesus and we want to see Him now! With hearts broken, we long for a world where sin is a distant, quickly fading memory. It is time to shift our focus to move beyond thinking more about the when of Christs return to living as people getting ready for it. In Matthew 24 and 25, Jesus looks for followers who do His will. He seeks for those who belong to Him, regardless of whether or not He will come in their lifetimes Does that describe us? In Waiting and Longing, Pastor Randy Roberts shows us how to live as believers preparing to meet the Savior today and always. Are you ready to read this book? Being Ready for the Return of Jesus, Whenever it Happens Christians have been waiting for Jesus to return ever since an angel asked the questions, Men of Galiliee, why do you stand here looking into the sky? (Acts 1:11, NIV). Lets be honest. Were tired of waiting. We want to see Jesus and we want to see Him now! With hearts broken, we long for a world where sin is a distant, quickly fading memory. It is time to shift our focus to move beyond thinking more about the when of Christs return to living as people getting ready for it. In Matthew 24 and 25, Jesus looks for followers who do His will. He seeks for those who belong to Him, regardless of whether or not He will come in their lifetimes Does that describe us? In Waiting and Longing, Pastor Randy Roberts shows us how to live as believers preparing to meet the Savior today and always. Are you ready to read this book?


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Planet in Distress
Scott Christiansen

There's no denying it, our world just isn't what it used to be. Natural disasters happen more often and with greater magnitude. Our oceans have been polluted and overfished. Our lands have been deforested, saturated with potent chemicals, and abandoned to erosion when they are no longer productive. Our atmosphere is full of greenhouse gasses, and climate change is a deadly reality. Water is increasingly in short supply worldwide. Why exactly have these things happened, and so quickly? What are we, as Christians, supposed to do about them now? How does the current condition of our world fit with the events Jesus described in Matthew 24:6-8? Scott Christiansen explores scientific evidence concerning the rapid decline of global systems (climate, food production, water, energy, finance, etc.) and blends it with what the Bible and inspired writings have to say about the end of time. His findings are a wake-up call.


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Control Freak
(the spirit of divination)
by Janet Carter

Are you a “Control Freak”? Do you try to control the people and circumstances in your life as best you can? Do you then get frustrated and discouraged when things don’t work out as you planned? Or, on the other hand, are you the type of person who is almost always being controlled by the demands, expectations, whims and desires of others?

CONTROL FREAK reveals how the spirit of divination seeks to delay, detour and ultimately derail you from ever fulfilling your God-given destiny. If the enemy can’t keep you out of heaven, the least he can do is try to make certain that you do not fulfill your God-given assignments here on earth.

CONTROL FREAK is a “must read” because it not only exposes the problem, but provides the Biblically based transforming solution as well.


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The Seventh-Day Ox: And Other Miracle Stories from Russia 
by Bradley Booth 

There was no one he knew. No one to care what happened to him. As he tossed and turned trying to fall asleep, his mind would suddenly begin to panic and scream out in protest, How did I get myself into this? 

A pastor living in Communist Russia, Nickolai Panchuk struggled as a prisoner of the KGB to find his purpose. Persecuted for his Christian faith, Nickolai remained in a Siberian camp for eight years, refusing to sacrifice his faith and suffering the consequences. Harassed, beaten, and dejected, Nickolai found hope in the unlikeliest source: an old ox named Maksim.

With the help and strength of God, Nickolai and Maksim worked together to perform a weekly miracle—witnessing for Christ in the most disparaging of circumstances and winning souls along the way.

The Seventh-day Ox and Other Miracle Stories From Russia describes the faithfulness of Christians during times of persecution and the animals who were used by God to help them. Against all odds, each of these witnesses placed their trust in God and demonstrated unbroken commitment to their faith—no matter what the cost.

Love Makes Evangelism Work
by Mark F. Carr 

"What the world needs now is love, sweet love, it's the only thing that there's just too little of." These lyrics are from a popular song in 1965, but they still ring true today. As Christians we should have a different perspective on love. God loves us unconditionally, and as we bask in that love and strive to be like Christ, we should in turn love like He loves. Whether it's our family, church members, co-workers, neighbors, or community members, we need to learn to love them like God loves us. Lovangelism addresses the subject of love and how it relates to evangelism and winning souls for Christ. The author asks thought-provoking questions and provides personal experiences, biblical instruction, and practical advice in regards to loving those around us and deepening our spiritual relationship with God. Has God's love transformed your life? Let it transform the lives of those around you. Read Lovangelism today, and change the way you interact with those around you and transform your approach for reaching souls for Christ. God calls us to love without limits. Let us embrace that commission!

The Hidden Half 
of the Gospel


Paul Coneff

Life is messy. Whether we walk in the world or walk in the church, we all have struggles.

While Jesus died to forgive our sins for eternity, He also suffered to bring us healing today. As the Bible clearly says, Jesus was “made like us in EVERY way…suffering as He was tempted in ALL points… so He could help us.” (Luke 9:22; 22:15; 24:24-26; Heb. 2:17-18; 4:15; Isa. 53)

Lonely? Jesus was alone and abandoned by His closest friends to identify with you.

Betrayed? Jesus was betrayed by a kiss, for the price of a slave, to identify with you.

Abused? Jesus was physically violated and verbally abused to identify with you.

Addicted? Jesus was tempted to numb His pain to identify with you.

Rejected? Jesus felt forsaken by His Father to identify with you.

The Hidden Half of the Gospel invites you to journey through Christ’s story of suffering, as well as the stories and testimonies of Diana, Lindsey, Amber, John, Sandy, Anna, Rick, and Keith. For these and many others, personal identification with Christ’s suffering led to healing and freedom, moving them into ministry with a testimony…and it can do the same for you.

Straight 2 The Heart

and Traditions 
of Non-sense


Sigve K. Tonstad

One hundred taxis lined up on Church Street in Oslo on November 26, 1942, deployed in order to round up the city's Jews and send them to Auschwitz. This reality anchors God of Sense and Traditions of Non-Sense: it is theology from a Holocaust perspective. The brash Elihu excoriating Job for his insistence that he is owed an explanation for the calamities that have befallen him. This is the book's opening salvo. Job speaking of a God of sense, Elihu and Job's three friends inaugurating a tradition of non-sense: this is the existential and theological predicament. The problem of finite suffering in this life addressed in the theological tradition with the prospect of infinite, endless suffering, in this book described as a key element in Traditions of Non-Sense. Back to the millions of Jews, among them 188 women and 42 children from Oslo, deported, gassed, and cremated--in God of Sense this is not seen as a problem that defeats belief, but as the reality that demands a religious and theological account of human existence.


The Zacchaeus Effect:

Sometimes the Only Way to Refresh Your Relationship With Jesus Is to Go Out on a Limb

Emil Dean Peeler

Are you ready to find God’s divine plan for your life?

Join pastor and evangelist Emil Peeler on a 12-step journey of discovery with one of the New Testament’s shortest, but most colorful characters—Zacchaeus.

After taking a big risk to make sure nothing would get between himself and Jesus, this "wee little man’s" life changed forever.

And if you read these pages with the same determination and desire that Zacchaeus had, you’re sure to experience some big changes in your own life.


The Hope Seekers:

Survival of Southern African Child Led Households in the Shadows of HIV/AIDS


Cynthia J. Prime

 – introduces the growing population of child headed households in the most memorable fashion.


Cynthia Prime, CEO and Co-founder of SOHO states, “A picture is often worth a thousand words, but there are times when pictures, as striking as they may be, and words, no matter how descriptive and impacting, are inadequate to capture the dynamism and poignancy of the subject matter.  Understanding and appreciation can only come about when the visual experience is internalized.”

With compelling photographs and moving narrative, the courage, ingenuity, humor, and pathos of the children are captured.  In this book, “statistics” become real, eyes look into yours, stories that draw you intimately close to where these children live, how they live, engaging you in their quest for sustainable life.

Acting as the “springboard” for the campaign, copies of the book will be distributed in order to the build awareness and the resources necessary to create measurable change in the lives of the children.

Your contributions make a difference. 


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To the Last Drop of Our Blood:

A Story of Government and Religion


Ann Burke

On a balmy evening in late summer, a thickly wooded area near the shore of Lake Geneva is filling up with men. By the time the moon is high, the woods rustle with the quiet movements of some nine hundred, all armed. Pastor Arnaud addresses the blended group of Waldensian and Huguenot volunteers. If anyone is afraid of the rack and the gallows, he tells them, they should turn back. If they wish to go on, they should sweat to fight faithfully to the death... Arnaud and the nine-hundred kneel and pray at the lake's edge. A low voice and the sound of water lapping fill the night. There are muted amen's, a shuffle, footsteps, and the swish of fifteen little boats pushing off from land. In To the Last Drop of Our Blood, Ann Burke sketches excerpts from the story of the Waldenses, a religious minority who for generations lived under the looming shadow of the religion in power. This re-telling may very well bring to mind a number of questions. - Where freedom of faith is concerned, does it matter how right the majority is? - How important is a minority? - Is it better, as someone has said, for one man to die than for a whole nation to perish? The answers we give will largely determine our future.


The Green Cord Dream
Alex Bryan

In 1842, fifteen-year-old Ellen Harmon had a dream. “[The angel] handed me a green cord coiled up closely. This he directed me to place next to my heart, and when I wished to see Jesus, take it from my bosom, and stretch it to the utmost. He cautioned me not to let it remain coiled for any length of time, lest it should become knotted and difficult to straighten. I placed the cord near my heart, and joyfully descended the narrow stairs, praising the Lord, and telling all whom I met where they could find Jesus.

”In The Green Cord Dream author Alex Bryan asks,Is there a purpose and possibility for Adventist Christianity in the twenty-first century?

Will we desire the Bible again as a way to fall in love with Jesus?

Will Jesus be everything in Adventism?

Will we live for heaven alone?

Will we get lost in minor theological disputes and church spats?

Or will we live within the grand story of The Great Controversy?


I believe the Adventist movement can have a bright, prevailing future, but we are at a critical time. The challenges are significant. We must choose a vision of Adventist Christianity for the future. We need bold and beautiful dreams emerging from every generation and locality. We need Green Cord Dreams. We need the The One. We need Jesus.


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Walking Through The Bible
with H.M.S. Richards
H.M.S. Richards

Supplemented with devotional commentary from the pen of Pastor Richards and occasional thoughts from the writings of Ellen G. White, this reissued classic will help you read the entire Bible through in a year.

Have faith in God— See truth—do not delay;

Have faith in God— The Scriptures search today;

Have faith in God— His Holy Word obey.

Have faith, dear friend, in God.


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Steps To Jesus
Ellen Gould Harmon White

An adaptation in today’s language of Steps to Christ

"A wonderful book, Steps to Jesus is a modern version of Steps to Christ by Ellen White and is easy reading so that sharing with friends, children and neighbors is excitingly simple. I would highly recommend this book for sharing or your own personal devotions." - E. Jones (

Judge Me Please 
Gary D. Strunk  

The role of a judge in the United States judicial system is to uphold the law and render a verdict as to the guilt or innocence of a person. When people think about Jesus' role in the investigative judgment, the role of a U.S. judge may pop into their mind. But a biblical judge does far more than render a decision. He also teaches, rules, and delivers. It is those very roles that make Christ's work in the investigative judgment endearing and necessary in order to complete the plan of salvation. David said in Psalm 7:8, "Judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness, and according to my integrity within me." Is that the way you feel about the judgment, or do you want the Lord to judge someone else? Judge Me Please shows why the saints want to be judged. You too will want to be judged when you understand what is meant by biblical perfection, sinlessness, and righteousness as David used the term. Judge Me Please draws a distinction between Christ's nature and ours as it explains why we cannot be as sinless as He, nor are we expected to be. It also explains what it means for His people to have the character of Christ, and how the image of Christ is to be formed in His people before He comes again, yet they will not be sinless. Through a straightforward presentation of Bible truths and Spirit of Prophecy quotes, you will gain a broader understanding of the atonement, the investigative judgment, and by what right God can take the kingdom from the little horn and give it to the saints. After reading this book, you, too, like David, will say, "Judge Me Please!"


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