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A television channel dedicated to broadcasting divine messages and spiritual teachings, offering viewers direct access to God
A captivating image of the 'His Light' TV channel, illuminating souls with biblical teachings and divine enlightenment.
A Christian TV channel promoting healthy eating and spiritual wellness through nourishing food content.
An Arabic Christian TV channel broadcasting spiritual content and programs for the Christian community
A Chinese Christian TV channel broadcasting spiritual content and programs for the Christian community
A Korean Christian TV channel broadcasting spiritual content and programs for the Christian community
A Spanish Christian TV channel broadcasting spiritual content and programs for the Christian community


In addition to watching our live satellite stream online from our home page, below are the additional ways you can receive LLBN's programming.

via satellite
Satellite G-19

Frequency 11842
Symbol Rate 22000
Polarity Horizontal 
FEC 3/4


LLBN His Word - Glorystar channel 105

LLBN His Light - Glorystar channel 1052

Smart LifeStyle - Glorystar channel 122


  • Glorystar IPTV and satellite box with DVR 16 hours:$135 + Tax + Shipping

    • With trade-in^ of old Glorystar box: $99 + Tax*

  • Glorystar IPTV and satellite box with DVR 64 hours:$165 + Tax + Shipping & Handling

    • With trade-in^ of old Glorystar box: $129 + Tax​*

  • ^Must include working receiver and remote. To be donated to needy families.​

​Glorystar's new hybrid IPTV and satellite box bring the best of both worlds, giving you access to all LLBN channels:

  • on satellite--LLBN His Word, LLBN His Light and Smart LifeStyle TV 

  • on IPTV--LLBN Arabic, LLBN Chinese, LLBN Korean, LLBN Latino, and LLBN South Asia, in addition to satellite channels.

Other networks are also packaged into these boxes for your enjoyment.


The hybrid boxes also come with a built-in DVR recorder for you to record 16 or 64 hours of your favorite LLBN programs. 


Order today! Call 1-866-552-6728.


Glorystar deal
via mobile devices
Smart Mobile Devices
  • Android (LLBN Mobile)
  • Apple (LLBN Mobile)

Google Play and Apple App Store Mobile Devices

The LLBN live-stream app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Apple device users can obtain it from the App Store. The app is free.


Once in the Play or App store, enter the letters 'LLBN' in the search bar at the top of your screen and the app with LLBN logo will display with a bar to "Install". Tap that bar. Then follow the prompts to play.

LLBN is now available on Apple TV, a digital media player and console to receive audio and video via the Internet for playback on enhanced-definition or HD televisions. It lets consumers’ stream music, video and podcasts.

Apple TV

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) uses Internet technology to transmit programming directly to your television set. It is available on select TVs. A wireless broadband internet connection is required.

Coverage area: United States (including Alaska, Hawaii) - Canada (excluding Northern NW Territories, NE Nunavut and extreme Northern Quebec) - Antigua and Barbuda - Aruba - Bahamas - Barbados - Belize - Cayman Islands - Colombia (Northern region) - Costa Rica - Cuba - Dominica - Dominican Republic - El Salvador - Grenada - Guadeloupe - Guatemala - Haiti - Honduras - Jamaica - Martinique - Mexico - Netherlands Antilles - Nicaragua - Panama - Puerto Rico - St. Kitts and Nevis - St. Lucia - St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Venezuela (NW coastal region) - Virgin Islands


If you have been told that you can't have a satellite dish, review the FCC rulings and get more information at

Other Services

LLBN is available in select areas on off-air TV and on Frontier FiOS and Spectrum. Contact your service provider directly if you would like them to include LLBN in their lineup.

Some Frontier FiOS areas carrying LLBN 24/7

Loma Linda/Redlands, CA and surrounding cities      Channel 31


Some Frontier FiOS areas carrying SMARTLIFESTYLETV 24/7

Loma Linda/Redlands, CA and surrounding cities      Channel 29

Some cable stations carrying LLBN 24/7

Loma Linda, CA                                  Spectrum, Channel 17

British Columbia, Canada                Lyttonnet Cable, channel 38

New Knoxville, OH                            NKTelco, Channel 42

Some local stations carrying LLBN 24/7

Bend, OR                                            K23CU, Channel 23.4

Fort Wayne, IN                                  W26DH, Channel 26.4

Spokane, WA                                     KHBA 4, Channel 39.4

Some local stations carrying LLBN part-time

Phoenix, AZ                                      GNTV, Channel 44.3

Walla Walla, WA                               Blue Mountain TV

via Roku player

Giniko Faith TV is an over-the-top television streaming service with the most comprehensive faith based content. Giniko Faith TV customers can watch their favorite inspirational programming on all major devices via the Free Giniko App. Faith programming can be accessed inside our outside of the home on iOS, Android, iPad, tablet, web browsers, and on Roku, Google TV, Android TV, or Amazon Fire TV.



For less than $50, this palm-sized device can deliver HD-quality images to your television. Click below to purchase online, or go to any Walmart, Target or Best Buy.






Roku players should work well with almost any broad-band connection. Roku recommends a minimum of 1.5Mbps for SD content and 3.0 Mbps for HD content. (FYI, the average speed in the US is about 10 Mbps or more.)


  • Purchase a Roku player from or major stores such as Walmart, Target, or Best Buy. The least expensive player, available online, is less than $50. This is a one-time payment for the box with no monthly fees! Pick the player that is right for you--some work with older TVs, and some only work with wireless Internet. You can receive LLBN on all of them.

  • Connect your Roku to your TV. If you have an older television with no HDMI port, you can purchase a Roku Express unit. You can use the composite AV cables provided; otherwise, the new units come with an HDMI cable, or plug directly into one of the HDMI Ports on your TV. For versions with an HDMI cable included, plug one end of the cable into the back of your Roku player and the other end to the port on your TV.

  • Connect your Roku to a power source. Insert the power connector into the back of the Roku player, and plug the power adapter into a power socket.

  • Power up your remote. Insert the provided batteries into the back of your remote, insert the batteries (-) side first.

  • Turn on your TV and power up your Roku player

  • Connect it to the Internet by following the on screen instructions. All models connect to the Internet wirelessly, though the Roku 3 (Model4230) also has an Ethernet port for a wired connection, if you so choose. If you have this model, just connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the Roku player, and the other end to an available port on your Router

  • Activate your Roku using a credit/debit card (your card will not be charged for watching any LLBN channels). [To activate without entering credit card information, go to the Contact Support page and make your request via Live Text Chat, call 1-888-600-7658 (ROKU), or when signing up, go to, enter set up info, but at the bottom of the page where it asks for a card, select the "Skip, I'll add later" option besides "Submit". Proceed by clicking “link a device” and enter the code shown on the screen from your Roku device.]


  • From the main menu, scroll down to the Streaming Channels and press OK.

  • Scroll down to Faith Based then press the right arrow on your Roku remote.

  • Scroll to and then Click on the blue and gold LLBN TV Channel package icon.

  • Press OK on, “Add Channel” and LLBN will be added to your home screen.

  • From the home screen, click the LLBN channels Icon.

Select your desired LLBN Channel (Tip: Add it to your Favorites for easy access)

Start enjoying LLBN anywhere you go!

A Romanian Christian TV channel broadcasting spiritual content and programs for the Christian community
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