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Q: How do I order a DVD of a program?

A: LLBN does not currently make DVDs/CDs of programs we produce. We do not have permissions to sell programs produced by other entities. However, for some programs produced by other entities, DVDs/CDs may be available directly through them. For instance, Loma Linda University Church sells DVDs of their services. (LLUC vespers programs are typically not available for sale due to music copyright programs.) Please check out our program page for each individual program to find out more information. 


Many LLBN programs repeat several times, either that week or in the future, so you may be able to watch it again. Check our schedule for repeat times.


Some programs such as ‘‘Righteousness by Faith’ with Morris Venden ’have been archived on our website and YouTube channel. For more information, go to our program page and click on your series title, or visit our YouTube page. 



Q: I am experiencing a problem viewing LLBN’s live stream. What should I do?

A: If you are watching on satellite, cable or Roku, first check to see if other channels are experiencing a similar problem. If the problem is across multiple channels, you may need to contact your service provider directly to troubleshoot the issue.


If it is just LLBN, give us a call or send us a note through our contact page. Let us know how you are watching LLBN (eg on the Internet, satellite, cable or Roku), what problem you are encountering, and when the problem was first observed. 


While you may not get a direct response from us, we appreciate your notification and will look into it right away.


Q: I am having difficulty loading this website onto my iPhone. What can I do?

A: Occasionally, you may have a problem viewing the website and/or stream due to the fact that your iPhone has saved or 'cached' an older version. To solve this problem, go to 'Settings,' select 'Safari', and then select 'Clear History' and confirm it.

Q: I have a suggestion for a program guest. Who can I contact?

A: We welcome suggestions for pastors, ministry leaders, people with powerful testimonies, and musical guests on our programs, though we cannot guarantee their inclusion in a program. Send us a note through our contact page about why you think they should be included in a program, any external references available (websites, magazine articles, etc), and how we can contact them. Aspiring musical guests will need to send us a sample of their music, preferably a link to a website, YouTube page, etc. Potential candidates will be contacted for further information when there is an opening. Due to the high number of suggestions we receive, we apologize that not all will receive a response.



Q: I am in the Loma Linda area. Can I get a tour of the LLBN Studios? 

A: Send us a note through our contact page or give us a call, and we will be happy to arrange one. 


Q: When I try to load an LLBN channel on my Roku, it gets stuck at "33% loading." How do I fix it?
A. Follow these steps:

1. Remove channel from lineup on home screen

2. Disconnected from Power source

3. Re-add BrightStar channel to channel lineup from channel store under Religious Programming Package

4. Playback should be restored


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