June 14, 2021 - Irrational Faith

“Lawrence Krauss, my colleague, we did a film together called ‘The Unbelievers.’ And he has written a book called A Universe From Nothing. And he produces a physical theory, mathematically worked out, to show that you can get something from nothing. That nothing and nothing in some strange way cancels itself out to produce something. And quantum theory allows that to happen.” Atheist, Richard Dawkins.

“That is why atheism is not a faith position. Faith is not about bridging the gap between rational belief and certainty; it is about sidestepping rationality altogether.” Atheist, Julian Baggini.

Really, now? Faith is about sidestepping rationality and rational belief? You mean, for instance, the rational belief that “nothing and nothing in some strange way cancels itself out to produce something”? And that something created out of nothing cancelling itself turned out to be universe and all that’s in it?

That rational belief?

Contrary to the common folklore, such as expressed by Mr. Baggini, it’s much more logical and rational to believe in God, in an eternally existent Creator, such as the one depicted in Scripture (Genesis 1:1l John 1:1-3; 1 Corinthians 8:6; Nehemiah 9:6; Romans 1:20) than not to believe in a Creator.

Otherwise, what?

The universe arose from nothing, now the common explanation of all existence? The universe just somehow (and no one knows how) popped into being: space, time, matter, energy, the Boston Patriots, everything? And all the incredible complexity, beauty, and functionality of life—from the humble little worm, a planarian, which if cut in half will regenerate into a new one (the world record is two hundred and seventy-nine cuts into one planarian creating two hundred and seventy-nine new planarians) to the mind of Einstein—arose purely by chance, with no forethought at all?

It's takes a lot of faith, a lot of irrational faith, to believe that all which exists, from your thoughts, hopes, dreams, loves—to the Crab Nebula, and everything else in between and beyond, arose from nothing and by no one and for no intended purpose. In contrast, belief in God is, by far, the much more rational position.