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As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, LLBN TV’s purpose is to benefit and serve the public by producing and broadcasting a variety of programming. If you have any questions regarding your donation to LLBN, please contact us at 909-799-6509 for local calls, 866-552-6881 for out of the area calls, or send an email to


Donations offered to LLBN are not subject to refund.


If there was an error in the amount donated, please notify LLBN no later than 15 days from the transaction date and the facts will be considered by each case. In the instance that a refund is approved, LLBN reserves the right to deduct all the fees and expensesrelated to the processing of the initial transaction by the third party (PayPal or others) and an additional $25 fee for the LLBN refund process from the amount refunded.


LLBN accepts direct credit card donations through all LLBN websites using the services of PayPal. Please read PayPal’s User Agreement.


In addition to direct donations, LLBN is listed for optional donations through shopping with Amazon and Amazon Smile. Please read Amazon’s Conditions of Use and AmazonSmile’s Participation Agreement. 


LLBN assumes no responsibility for returns or refunds on any of your purchases of products through third party vendors such as Amazon, AmazonSmile, Roku, Joozoor, or other vendors displaying a link of their website on any of LLBN websites.


LLBN is not the same company as PayPal, Amazon, AmazonSmile, Roku, Joozoor, and their terms and conditions are subject to change without notice from LLBN. 


In case of any modifications in LLBN’s policies or additional services added, LLBN will post the changes on its websites. For most recent policies, please visit LLBN’s websites frequently.


By using the services provided on LLBN’s websites, you accept all the terms and conditions posted and you are independently responsible for your actions related to your use of LLBN websites, regardless of the purpose of the use. 


Last reviewed and updated on 04-16-2015


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