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MAP Ministries

M.A.P. Ministries was founded in the summer of 2018 by Mia Rosado (14) and Joshua De Senna (16) with a desire to impact youth with sacred music. Using their musical gifts, they began making arrangements and sharing their music in church services. Before they knew it, they had begun a music ministry. 

Mia and Josh also enjoy collaborating with other young musicians, having completed over 50 concerts all over Southern California and a few in Central California as well. In addition, they have performed at Southwest GYC, Can You Hear Me Now Youth Conference, Modern Manna’s Health and Healing Summit and have performed several times on LLBN (Loma Linda Broadcasting Network). Furthermore, they continue to share their faith and sacred music at Redlands Market Night, distributing GLOW tracts and often interviewing people on various spiritual topics and posting on social media. M.A.P. had the privilege of being interviewed live on the television program Christian Connections, presenting music and a devotional on the topic of music and the Christian. Most recently, Mia and Josh also organized and hosted a M.A.P. & Friends Christmas Music Festival to benefit the homeless. 

Singing and playing acoustic guitar, violin and piano, their sound is fresh, sacred and relevant. Through composing their own arrangements to hymns and contemporary music and even writing their own songs, they are able to impact other youth and encourage them to use their gifts for the Lord. Interestingly, not only are the youth touched by their music but also the young at heart, as they frequently minister in nursing homes. 

M.A.P. has been very well received by churches, usually resulting in rebooking concerts. They are busy performing concerts and playing at special events throughout the year, but are continuing to develop new projects. They recently launched “MapChats”, consisting of short discussions about topics of spiritual interest to Christian youth which they post on Instagram. They are also developing Q & A sessions and enjoy interviewing pastors of churches they visit and posting those as well. 

With the generous donations of various churches, they recently released their first album, Give God the Glory, and produced four music videos which may be seen on, You Tube and Facebook. They also were able to sponsor 50% of the cost for three teens to attend IYMC’s music camp this summer focusing on teen music ministry. In addition to recording another album, they will continue to use raised funds to pass it on and help disadvantaged youth take music lessons and attend music camps next summer. Little by little they are purchasing sound, video, and recording equipment to help them impact more youth. M.A.P. is most grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to share and inspire other youth and to give back to Him. 

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